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Aug 25, 2017

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10 reasons why RockIT is the Best Place to Work in IT

We are truly thrilled to be one of ten businesses in the UK to be shortlisted for the IT Industry Awards, in the Best Place to Work in IT. This award shortlist didn’t just happen overnight though, over the years we’ve put our heart and soul into making RockIT a great place to work. We go above and beyond to ensure our employees have a thriving environment, perfect for them to enjoy their working day and to maintain a flourishing career. See our top 10 reasons why we are the best place to work in IT.

1. Progression is a real thing here

The first thing our talent department hears when we ask people why they are looking for a new career is ‘progression’. A lot of the time they already know it’s something that we pride ourselves on, and if they don’t know, the first thing we tell them is that 78% of people that have been here for 12 months or more have already experienced career progression.

2. Outstanding training opportunities

We listened to our team members when they asked for more training. Our development director spent months researching for the right training packages for us. But being RockIT we didn’t limit it to training for our team members own role, whether they want to enhance their current knowledge or want to learn something new, such as management or business, or any other area within the company, we are confident that we will have something there for everyone. Our team members can even access training from their mobile phone – well we are a tech company after all.

3. The vision

We have an amazing shared vision.

It’s not just for now and where we all want the business to go, the vision includes multiple sites in numerous cities throughout the UK. We have grand plans that everyone is on board with, as it includes a state of the art technology centre with on-site leisure facilities and a range of additional benefits.  We also want it to be a place where people will want to spend time with friends and family.

4. Ethics and values

For many people this will be at the heart of their decision to work here. Our ethics and values underpin all of our thinking, and are at the forefront of every business decision. One of our core values is ‘People – Happy people deliver great service’, and it’s true. We know that the wellbeing and motivation of our staff is one of the most vital components for having a happy and positive environment – which then filters through to our clients. 

5. Weekly treats

We provide our departments with regular food based treats such as Hump day pastries, Phat Friday (the not so healthy treats), pizza days, and healthier fresh fruit days.

6. We are a sociable bunch

We love nothing more than getting together for a team building activity or a few drinks and a meal, whatever your preference, we try to cater for everyone. Recent excursions include ‘Break Free Cardiff’ and Paint Balling, with future trips planned such as ‘Go Karting’, and a mountain climb up Pen-Y-Fan. We have a break out area with an X-box and darts board so people can relax, while on weekends we loan the boardroom to some of our team members so they are able to host their regular board games sessions. You can almost guarantee that whatever is going on there will be an open invitation.

7. Incentives, incentives, incentives

Our performance based bonus is one of the best incentives out there. Employees that deliver an outstanding performance throughout the year will be entitled to a shared profit pot. 

8. We are the #RockITFamily

When you work here one thing is clear; we are a family. We will often make reference to the RockIT family, and when you are here, that’s what it feel like. We are supportive and friendly, we are always willing to help others to learn and develop. The energy we have for this is infectious. People say ‘you can’t choose your family’ well you can if you work at RockIT. 

9. Pension

In April it became compulsory for all businesses over a certain size to offer their employees a work place pension. We opted to provide a company pension that didn’t carry an additional cost for our staff, choosing to carry the brunt of the costs ourselves. Otherwise it didn’t seem much of a benefit. 

10. Sharing is caring

Employee engagement is vital for a successful business. We share all forms of information through a range of regular staff inclusive meetings such as; Sales Summit, the Growth Think, or the company wide Town Hall meeting. We even want our board meetings to be open and transparent, so once a month the details of the meeting are briefed out to employees so they can all be aware of exciting new plans while having a direct line of communication to raise anything back to the board.

We think we have the right mix of what’s needed to provide a fantastic platform for peoples’ careers to nurture and develop. If you think you have something special and would like to see if we have something for you, check out the roles we are currently recruiting for on our careers website and get in touch.