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Aug 1, 2015

RockIT news,

2015 Technical Championship

This month saw the launch of RockIT’s Technical Championship. Our four technical teams have entered into the battle of all battles to see who will be crowned the best technical department of 2015.

Our Service, Projects, Proactive and Client Relations teams have each begun their own project which aims to improve service delivery within each respective team.  

Project Slick

Project Slick
Our Service team have embarked on Project Slick. The key focus for their project will be on further improving our response and resolution times. 

VIP Project

VIP project
The Projects team’s VIP project will transform the way we manage our client’s projects. Project VIP will drive down our lead times so your project can be completed more quickly. 

Project Evergreen

Project Evergreen
Our Client Relations team’s challenge is Project Evergreen which will guarantee you a better level of customer service from us. We’ll be expanding our current Client Relations team to assist with completing inbound enquiries quicker.

Project Bonzai

Project Banzai 
Lastly our Proactive team are involved in Project Banzai which will focus on redesigning a lot of the proactive processes we use. We will be making our tools visible to you and we’ll soon be flicking the switch on of the new monitoring software we’ve been developing for several months.