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Aug 15, 2017

Industry insights,

4G is going underground

London is undeniably one of the technology hubs of the world, but the 33 local authority leaders of the city have a job on their hands. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has pledged to bring 4G connectivity to the London Underground by 2019.

Some London underground stations already offer WiFi connectivity, but it often carries an additional charge and doesn’t provide coverage throughout all of the tunnels.

In this day and age, online connection is imperative for a business’s basic needs; to grow and flourish. Business commuting is seen as dead time, it’s often unproductive and can cause the business to lose revenue. If every underground journey could be a hive of digital activity, just think of the additional revenue this could mean for a business (assuming you can get a seat, that is).

London is the UK or European home for many high profile digital powerhouses such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, and to be able to attract more businesses like these, more has to be done to improve London’s technology and digital offering.

Either way, as commuter’s digital demands and expectations increase, there is a need for London’s leaders to raise their game to be in-line with other leading global cities, and ensure London is well and truly on the map for digital connectivity.