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Nov 15, 2016

Industry insights,

5 steps for protection

The modern day office has so many ways that a disgruntled employee could harness the opportunity to damage their employers’ reputation.

There are however some simple steps that could protect your data from being used in a harmful way.

Insist on non-disclosure agreements
Ensuring that your employees sign a non-disclosure agreement is the first step in protecting your data and sensitive or confidential information.

Disable user accounts promptly
Even something as simple as an email account could prove costly if it got into the wrong hands. Pay closer attention to individuals that have extended privileges.

Monitor user behaviour
One of the most critical steps in data security is to analyse employees behaviour. This could be anything that you consider unusual, multiple failed access attempts, bulk file downloading or tampering with data. If you are already aware of a person that is leaving, evaluate their risk to the business and take suitable steps to mitigate the risks.

Implement a least-privilege access model
Regularly check that user permissions are granted in line with responsibilities. This will reduce the risks associated with the overexposure of information.

Protect devices
If you have a flexible BYOD (bring your own device) you will need to develop strict policies for usage and be aware that mobile devices pose more of security risk.

Insider threats are actually far more common that you might think. Ex and or disgruntled employees pose a real risk to data security. Make sure you look after your data and sensitive information but using a combination of common sense and easy to digest policies – it will help to keep the business protected.

For more information on how to protect the business from Ex-employees download our product guide ‘Do ex –employee still have access to your company data’.