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Feb 6, 2018

Industry insights,

AI for brands

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been paving the way for a technology revolution for a number of years, leaving many businesses and brand owners unsure of its ultimate usage.  It’s fair to say the technology is still in its infancy, which means two things….firstly what we use it for today, might not be what we use it for tomorrow, especially as more technology platforms are finding innovative ways to offer AI. Secondly, it can help a business to differentiate themselves from the competition.  

So what are the many uses of AI?

Content Creation

As it stands these tools are never going to replace the power of great journalistic flair, fear not the art of storytelling is still as relevant even with AI technology. What these systems can produce is mass content on a straight forward topic, although it can be purely factual and somewhat limited. However watch this space, because I’m sure it won’t be long before this does become the future for content creation on a large scale. Just to be clear, if it’s a narrative you’re after or you have a poignant argument to get across, these are still a little too primitive to fulfil your requirement.

Customer Services

Businesses have been using AI in this area for a number of years. Dubbed as ‘chatbots’ these AI systems utilise natural language and dynamic menus to handle a range of customer related enquiries.  Over this time the systems have become far more sophisticated, now being capable to accept a wide range of complex responses and regional dialects.

Making recommendations

Businesses are also increasingly using AI for recommendation engines. These systems find trends in consumer browsing, so the subsequent action can be optimised without the need for human intervention.

Pretty much every online retailer is using some form of this technology to recommend additional products and entice their customer base with offer led purchases. By using the AI technology brands are able to offer their customers far more targeted and relevant content, which in turn maximises spend per head.

Sales and selling

The last of our uses for AI, is its ability to drive sales. With everything from being able to access untapped markets to developing customer personas, AI could be your next selling tool. This will only escalate when brands can sell using the ‘smart assistant’. Obviously this requires a certain level of integration, but with Amazon and Google leading the way with their technology in this area, it won’t be long before Alexa will be another sales channel.

How AI will really take hold this year and next is not set in stone and is influenced by so many factors such as customer demand, the available integrated technology and if it really can create something that is as complex as the human mind. It will be interesting to see how these uses develop, but as a content writer and marketer myself I’m not losing any sleep just yet.