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Jan 18, 2018

Industry insights,

Anyone for pizza?

This January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Toyota revealed their rather futurist prototype called e-palette. Essentially e-palette is an electric, driverless vehicle pod that could turn its hand to almost anything; driverless delivery, mobile shop or potentially even a hotel room.

Many businesses could see e-palette’s potential, such as Amazon and Uber. But it was Pizza Hut that had heads turning with their driverless pizza delivery concept that would use the technology to easy fulfil a busy Saturday nights orders. The concept was launched with mocked up designs for what Pizza Hut are calling “the first Pizza Hut fully automated delivery concept vehicle” and on social media, they added just how excited they are about partnering with Toyota.

This concept launch has not been without criticism, with some people condemning the Pizza giant for adopting driverless technology, in the fear it will have a negative impact on jobs. Pizza Hut responded to these comments by saying they felt it could actually create more jobs for individuals that don’t currently drive, focusing more on the customer experience than the driving function. This will remain to be seen, as with every significant stage of automation, there will be winners and losers, as it is almost impossible for a technology this ground-breaking not to have an impact in some way on the individuals that work there, be it positive or negative.