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Feb 13, 2017

Industry insights,

Are children the answer to cyber-security?

As if we didn’t know already, Saturday saw us waking up to the headlines that cybercrime is a prevalent threat.

So what’s the solution?

Our future lies in the hands of our younger generation. Rightly so, the UK government has identified that teaching our children the fundamentals of cyber-security will be the best way to protect the UK from further breaches.

Schoolchildren in England will be given the opportunity to do an additional four hours of classroom and online teaching, with the hope that these individuals will soon become the digital experts of the future.

Why is this so vital?

The importance of ensuring the UK is protected is twofold. Firstly, last week, a Commons committee warned that the shortage of skills and gap in expertise was leaving the UK vulnerable. Secondly, the threat of cybercrime on critical UK IT systems from a foreign source is now ranked as one of the top four threats to national security.

This pilot is set to run for a five-year period and is likely to cost the UK government £20m, to provide the lessons that have been developed to fit around a pupil’s current school work.

As our digital landscape continues to advance, it looks likely that the future of our national digital security will, in fact, be protected by the cyber and digital experts of the future.