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Jan 11, 2018

Industry insights,

Artificial assistants for business

We have already started to see basic AI in the form of Google Assistant and Alexa within the home. As 2018 is set to be the year that AI becomes more mainstream, both brands are looking to ramp up their efforts in this area with a tech war to obtain their lion’s share of the market. Because they both offer a great home based option, I wanted to explore the uses they could provide within business and see how they could help to transform our working day experiences.

The working day sees us spend too much time on mundane and time consuming tasks, such as diary management, dial up meetings or online searches. However, both Amazon’s Alexa and Googles Assistant can support these and many more types of office tasks.

-          Transforming the conference call without the need to manually dial in. Just start your conference call meeting by making the request with a voice command.

-          AI allows you to be more productive, make calls with a voice command, schedule our diary and keep on track with your to-do-lists.

-          Around the workplace AI can be used to provide greater levels of efficiency. It can find you an available meeting room for an impromptu catch up, it can alert when stock is getting low, and if, like Amazon’s Alexa it is also linked to a purchasing mechanism, it could have the ability to replenish stock before it gets too low.

In many cases both Alexa and Google Assistant have an even greater level of functionality when they are integrated with other Alexa or Google Assistant enabled devices and applications. With this in mind, the more tech brands that integrate their products with this type of artificial assistant, the better the overall experience will be.