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Dec 20, 2017

Just for fun,

Ash's top pick for Christmas

Anyone who knows our Development Director Ash will know that whilst he has an unwavering passion for RockIT developments and making the company great, his passion for technology as a whole can be seen (literally) throughout his home, enhancing his every move with some form of tech or connected device to take his everyday experiences to the next, entertaining level.   Be it sound, gaming, home automation – if it’s got a touch screen, connects to the internet and provides some kind of lifestyle convenience, Ash will either already have it or will want it.

So, who could be better than Ash, to share their top tech pick for Christmas?

I guess the only slight issue is that as with most early adopters, (and previously mentioned) he already has most of the top tech that’s available in the high streets today. Saying that, when asked ‘what’s the one item of tech that you would like to get for Christmas?’ This is what Ash had to say on the matter:

“A Nintendo Switch (although I already own one, but if I didn’t this would be my top pick).

I’m a gamer and I literally grew up with Nintendo, so even long before the Switch was released, I, like many other Nintendo fans were hanging on to their every word, waiting for the imminent release date and any early tech reviews on the product. I had one on pre-order (I mean, what true gamer wouldn’t?) and I wasn’t disappointed. The Switch is brilliant gadget, with games that can transport you straight back to your childhood, such as Mario Kart and Zelda, and as the name kind of gives it away, the Switch has complete flexibility to be played on the big screen or on a handheld portable games console – perfect for anyone that likes to take their gaming on the move. Although, whilst you might expect the transition of this to be a jittery or disjointed experience, to switch between the two is actually relatively pain free and offers a fluid and seamless UX (user experience). But aside from the stunning animation and graphics that are available on the Nintendo Switch, the true benefit can be seen within our (happy) home. For anyone that’s married, you’ll know that any successful marriage is not without its compromises. For me and my wife, as with most couples, it comes down to who has control of the remote. With the Switch I can do the dutiful thing and keep her happy, whilst still able to play my favourite game. It’s what you could call a win-win."