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Sep 28, 2017

RockIT news,

Being judged as the best

No one ever likes to be judged, and yet on Friday we went out of our way to do just that. Friday was the day of our Best Place to work in IT presentation.

There are some times when a day at the office could be likened to being on an episode of the BBC TV show, The Apprentice, and the preparation for this presentation was definitely one of these times. Concept sorted with the RockITree; a tree made up of all of our employee’s hands, with sections that highlight why we are the best place to work in IT:

Culture – focusing on our overall vision, our family ethos and the core values that make our company what it is today.

Candidate Journey – how we choose the person, how we have developed our interview structure by taking our talent management in house.

Progression – how we invest in our employees and encourage each and every one of them to progress within their role and chosen career.

Personal Development – we provide all our employees with the same opportunities for personal development and in-house training modules that promote a successful induction phase and great staff morale.

Employee Engagement – how we celebrate great performance with the Employee of the Quarter awards and regularly enjoy a social event or two.

These all helped to showcase why we feel we are a stand out company in these areas. We did voice recorded testimonials that introduced each of the areas perfectly, and to top it off even took each of the judges an individual ‘welcome pack’ that we normally provide our new starters.  

We felt prepared. We were ready.

When we looked around and saw the sea of suited and booted, we knew we would stand out for being different. We were not dressed in a suit, we were wearing a branded sweatshirt, with a tree made out of hands….yes that’s right; we were wearing the RockITree.

Our presentation was well received and you could see from their faces that we have clearly stood out from the ‘death by PowerPoint’ norm that they will have endured throughout the day. Obviously, we hope that we have done enough to be considered for the overall winner of the category, only time will tell.