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Nov 1, 2017

Industry insights,

Beware of the bad rabbit

Last week we saw a new ransomware emerge, known as ‘Bad Rabbit’.

With the sole purpose of causing maximum disruption, Bad Rabbit is a particularly nasty ransomware strain that has the country on high alert. The virus has been linked to other nasty Crypto’s such as Wanna Cry and Petya, although, unlike the destruction caused by these variants, Bad Rabbit exploits the user rather than the computer. In other words, this vector doesn’t need to rely on weaknesses or vulnerabilities within an IT infrastructure or PC. It simply prompts the user to download an Adobe Flash update via an infected website. Once the user tries to download this fake Flash installer, it will start to run the crypto. Once the virus establishes itself on a single computer in a network it will then attempt to ‘hack’ other computers in the network.

The main issue with this style of vector is the convincing nature of the Flash installer. It hasn’t really been seen before in this way, and so while the awareness is much better now regarding what to do if you receive a suspicious email, there is very is little awareness of this type of malicious intending update, therefore alarm bells aren’t automatically going off.

In any case, it’s 100% vital that you fully trust the source, and that you trust the link before you click on it. If in doubt, don’t click the link and seek clarification from your technical team or representative.

The only way to make sure you have extra protection against this and other nasty cyber threats is to run an antimalware product such at Bitdefender. These solutions detect the threat, leaving you with peace of mind that your systems are running as securely as they can be.  

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