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Aug 24, 2017

RockIT news,

Celebrating growth

It seems hard to quantify, but RockIT has featured on the Fast Growth 50 again, which makes it five consecutive years matching the Fast Growth record. The Fast Growth 50 recognises the top 50 Welsh based businesses for significant and sustainable growth. As businesses become more established, it becomes much harder to sustain growth. There are all kinds of variable factors that can affect growth, such as changes in the environment, new and emerging markets and having the infrastructure and internal resource to support sustained growth. However, one of the other reasons substantial growth is much harder to achieve the more established you become, is because it’s increasingly more difficult to see significant growths percentages the bigger you become.

This recognition is great for all of the employees. We work so hard to ensure that we are delivering the very best quality of service for our clients, and when we hear that we have been successful in ranking for our business growth, it’s a reminder that all this hard work is worth it, and that we are heading in the right direction; onwards and upwards.