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Oct 18, 2017

RockIT news,

Celebrating National Boss Day

On Monday the RockIT hub was a hive of anticipation as we waited for the promise of food, all in aid of national food day. We weren’t disappointed, there was something for everyone, sweet and savoury. However welcoming National Food Day was really more of a decoy to the main event – national boss day. Unbeknownst to Rob our CEO and the directors, Andy Ash and Laura, we had been busy plotting. Organised by our Talent Manager Billie, we all chipped in to get each of them their own stunning glass trophy. We prepared a little extra treat for Rob along with the help of the directors, he received a card signed by all of us with some lengthy, special messages, so lengthy in fact that we had to include two inner sheets! Our core objective was to thank the RockIT board of directors for all their hard work, and our secondary objective was to bring a tear to their eyes… both achieved. This is why they deserve to be made to feel so special. 

Rob Dance – CEO

Rob is a visionary leader and the epitome of what a ‘progressive’ boss looks like. He’s always thinking about better ways to achieve great things and work on existing plans. He’s supportive and dedicated to helping each and every one of us achieve our own success. He’s even knocked down walls to be closer and considered as one of the team.

As one staff member aptly put it in the card we gave him “Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths”

Andy Murtagh – Development Director

Andy is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s known within the office as being super supportive to his colleagues and is never too busy to make time for others to share his expertise and help his fellow co-workers.

Ashley Dukes – Development Director

Ash is one of RockIT’s longest standing members of staff and a real grafter. He has single-handedly shaped his department, implementing business initiatives and making the Service department such a strong and valuable asset to the company.

Laura Steele – Finance Director

Laura heads up the finance team and without her financial head, we wouldn’t be able to implement all the plans that we have for the future. She’s so approachable and friendly, and when it comes to our budgeting she’s on point.

As you can see, we’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for all the support and guidance that we receive from our directors, so a little presentation in the boardroom and a few choice words was the least we could do to thank them. Tissues were most definitely at the ready.