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Jan 9, 2018

Just for fun,

A celebration of development

International Programmers Day comes but once twice a year, and it gives businesses and departments the opportunity to celebrate the hard work done by their programmers and developers.

To mark International Programmers Day, it seems only right that we focus a feature on Darren, our Organisational Development Manager, on what we have affectionately renamed ‘Darren Day’.

Darren is an amazing member of our team. Not only was his department the well-deserved winner of this quarters’ ‘Department of the Quarter’ award, he works tirelessly to ensure development projects are completed on time. He’s responsible for developing internal systems and processes to support a range of functions such as business development and quality control. He develops internal product guides, training and guidance material, and has set up the majority of our assessments. This might seem impressive on its own, but when you then consider that he is a team of one, and he does all this and more single handed, it’s beyond impressive. 

Well times they are a changing, and we are now on the hunt for a dedicated wingman (or woman), in the form of a Development Assistant to take the Development Department to new crazy heights.  If you think you have what it takes to support Darren in his quest to turn visions and dreams into tangible development outcomes, click here for more information.