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Jun 12, 2017

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A coalition government could be good for cybersecurity

As we woke on Friday to the news that the Tories had failed to secure a majority government and with a hung parliament, we are now realising the prospect of having to work with other parties and form a coalition.

There has already been plenty of negative speculation as the leader of the Tories, Theresa May, is starting to form an alliance with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party), a Northern Ireland party, with Northern Ireland’s interests. Whilst some of their policies, such as anti-same-sex marriages and their stance on abortions, are causing an outcry in the public at the moment, their alliance could prove positive when you consider their digital focused policies on technology infrastructure improvements and a focus on cybercrime.

In fact, both parties clearly understand the importance of our country’s economic stability, in the fact that investments and resources are made available to ensure that Britain can reinforce its online security.

The Tories outlined their digital stance within their Digital Charter and the creation of a new Institute of Technology, a regulatory framework that will ensure the internet is regulated. They pledge to invest more on research and development, and a new infrastructure police force to reinforce cybersecurity. Their objectives for infrastructure focuses on 5G technology, with heightened online security surrounding the use of inappropriate content.  

Echoing these policies, the DUP manifesto outlines three key areas to their digital promise: Education, Infrastructure, and Security. They plan to deliver a digital skills revolution in schools, colleges and universities, with a view to enabling young people to become digital citizens and workers.  They plan to roll out a comprehensive broadband plan that will increase 4G coverage and invest in 5G technology. While their cybercrime policies will see an increased focus specifically on increased cybersecurity research.

The next few days will be critical for our country, in forming a government with the right alliances to support a strong position, not just for the obvious challenges we face, such as Brexit, but for the issues that our country faces now and in the future, one of which, our country’s cybersecurity, is a matter of national security.