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Sep 19, 2017

Industry insights,

Could Fitbit get hacked?

It would seem that whilst Fitbit technology is considered a great aid for personal training, it might not be as good for your personal data and security. Following a study at the University of Edinburgh, the researchers have identified a possible flaw in the way messages can be intercepted, that could lead to the theft or manipulation of personal data.

In addition to this vulnerability, a real worry was the way Fitbit bypassed any end-to-end encryption, leaving users massively exposed to their data being leaked and exploited.

Since the report was published, Fitbit have claimed to have updated their software and rectified the issue. While this can be reassuring to Fitbit users, the report has also questioned the security measures that are in place for the majority of wearable smart technology.

As we’ve previously documented in How Safe is the Internet of Things, more needs to be done to enhance the security of our wearable devices and The Internet of Things as a whole. As popularity rises and more people choose to access lifestyle improving tech, any vulnerability is going to be an obvious target for hackers, and these companies have to do a lot more to ensure they are able to address security concerns and the growing digital threat of cyber-crime.