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Dec 7, 2017

Just for fun,

Craft and creativity work hand in hand

I will often hear onlookers say “oh Marketing get all the best jobs”, and whilst this statement is not always the case, Thursday was one such occasion that I couldn’t disagree. It started like any other day, working on some content for the website, planning out some social activities. Then we had the ‘Christmas’ chat. Half an hour later and with the Christmas social media competition activity defined, all we needed was a suitable Christmas backdrop to take centre stage and help with the steady stream of photos. And so it was decided… “Let’s turn a corner of the office into a Santa’s Grotto, ideally by the end of the day.”

And then suddenly it was like I was a contestant in the BBC’s The Apprentice! Planning out what we wanted the Grotto to look like, thinking about what props we could borrow and planning what items we would need to purchase. Following a few calls to check stock availability we were good to go. Rowan, our Graphic Designer, was on hand for his creative eye and expertise. With his three Blue Peter badges, he was the best person for the job. So we headed out to find the gems we needed to create the Grotto. I’m not going to lie, it was a frantic shopping trip, with the clock ticking and my heels doing me no favours as I’m literally running through DIY stores.

Our shopping list included 3 long tall cardboard boxes, brick and wood effect wall papers, Christmas stockings, pillar candles, garlands, fake snow, real logs and fairy lights.

Once we returned from the shops, the hard work started and we set to creating our Christmas masterpiece. I’m not going to give away all our trade secrets, but the one thing I will tell you is wallpapering with Blu-tack is significantly easier than with wallpaper paste.

Within a few hours the Grotto was complete, and for this day, our work here was done. The Grotto has been so popular with all the staff, that following a mammoth photo session on Friday, some people even brought their dogs in for a festive photoshoot.