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Feb 15, 2018

Just for fun,

Creating the perfect first week

As one of the top IT businesses in Wales, we’ve been fortunate to attract some really amazing people to join our company. Over the years though our core focus has developed, from being business orientated to being people orientated. Obviously we still have our interests within the business and the specific roles that we are looking to fill, but what has changed is the emphasis that we place on the individual.

We are all individuals at the end of the day, and we all have different aptitudes and skills in various disciplines. What’s important for any thriving business is to find a way of harnessing and nurturing great talent, and to do this we have to ensure our newest recruits have the kind of week that sets the tone and expectation of what’s to come.

We all know what it’s like to start a new role and not have equipment or your working environment ready. In the long run, you might eventually get over the fact that you didn’t have a computer for a few days, or that you were expected to create yourself a desk in the redundant space between two existing desks (true story). This however, gives the impressions that the business is somewhat chaotic and unprepared, which given the fact that it’s highly likely they will have had a few weeks to get things in place, deep down you know that your recruitment into the company has been overlooked or simply forgotten.

Because we appreciate just how important it is to feel valued and welcomed into a new company right from the start, we have created the ‘perfect first week’.

Firstly, from the moment the candidate accepts a position with us we ensure that our lines of communication remain open and our Talent Department will keep in regular contact with the new recruit right up to, and including, their first week with us.

On day one our newest members of the team will have a full induction that includes a tour of the office and introductions to all the other departments. That’s obviously nothing out of the ordinary, but what we also ensure through the power of our internal HR set up forms and a strict deadline is that our new starters have everything ready to go on day one. They will have a desk and a chair, a PC with a multiple monitor set up. When they login they will have their email account set up and ready to roll, full access to all the applications that are relevant to their role and depending on the role a phone and laptop.

Going above and beyond

You might think that all the above is kind of the norm, and to a certain extent you’d be right. However, as we have all started new roles before, we all know how it feels to be new to the business and feeling out of sorts, and that’s why we created the welcome pack. Each new starter receives a welcome pack laid out on their desk that includes plenty of snacks and refreshments to get them through their first week. It also includes a writing pad and pen so they can start hitting the ground running straight away, without having to ask for the stationery they need to get going. 

The more we focus on our people and the more we develop our initial new recruit induction and on boarding phase, the more we are constantly improving the way we create the ‘perfect first week’.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what one of our recent additions to the team had to say.

“Positive, inspiring, and motivating are all very cliché terms when it comes to describing a company’s work environment; but in this case, let me tell you, it is an absolute fact. My name is Spencer Jones and I recently experienced the Candidate Journey at RockIT and was extremely impressed with the overall process. This is not my first I.T. role, but it is the first time I have started at a new company and  EVERYTHING was ready for me on my first day including hardware, software log ins, system access, and even a Welcome pack on my desk provided by the Talent Manger. I was introduced to all the other staff so there was no awkwardness as I started my journey.

Since I started things have gone from strength to strength, but I am most impressed with the support from our team managers, both with process and technical issues. It has been 7 months since my start date, and I am positive I made the correct decision to join the RockIT family, and have already suggested to friends that the door is always open.”

If you think you have what it takes to join Spencer on his quest, take a look at some of the roles we are currently recruiting for.