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Jan 27, 2017

Industry insights,

Data protection - The current situation

This year is going to be the year for some significant changes to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s fair to say that’s somewhat overdue, when you consider that the current Data Protection Act is nearly 19 years old, having been created in 1998.

When I think back 20 years, mobile phones such as the Nokia 5110 were just starting to become commonplace, but the internet (although created) was something futuristic. In fact, if your company used an intranet, you thought they were ahead of the times.

Fast-forward to today and you see a completely diverse digital landscape, where millions of people remain connected despite location and with an unprecedented level of options. Our mobile phones, now renamed ‘smart’ can connect us via the internet, instantly, to anyone, anywhere in the world (providing you have a signal). Equally, these mini-computers have dramatically changed the way we choose to do business, allowing us the complete freedom to purchase what we want, at a time that’s convenient for us. When was the last time you did your weekly grocery shop on your commute from work? Let me tell you, it has all the makings of a very productive bus journey.

These digital advancements have produced a real urgency to address how our data is regulated and protected.  

With this in mind, the GDPR is intending to revise the data protection legislation and bring it firmly into the present day, with legislation that is actually relevant in today’s digital era.

To find out what this new legislation is and how it will affect UK businesses, read our coming articles within this series.