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Feb 6, 2017

Industry insights,

Data protection - How to remain compliant

Throughout the data protection series we have set the scene - the current situation being a Data Protection Act that’s 19 years out of date, highlighted what changes we will likely see, and what impact these will have on businesses. Our final article of the series looks at how businesses can remain compliant.

It’s difficult to provide specific recommendations for compliance without knowing a business’s current data protection measures and industry sector. For example, a solicitor is going to have a higher need for data security compliance due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the data they handle.

That said, an ideal place to start when considering your data protection compliance measure is going to be a Data Protection Impact Assessment, templates for this can be found online. This assessment will help you gauge your current data protection systems and assess the likelihood and impact of any risk factors. It will get you thinking about how you currently secure your customer’s data and what protective systems you have in place to ensure your data is secure.

For some businesses, a more robust firewall and spam filter is going to be the ideal solution, whereas for others, they are going to have the additional requirement of appointing a data protection officer – someone that can assess, monitor and advise the business on what action or course will be best to remain compliant.

At RockIT, we provide our clients with a range of data protection tools that ensure they have the peace of mind needed to focus on their own business needs.