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Jul 26, 2017

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Disruption in a digital world

As a marketer, when I talk about disruption it’s normally a positive thing, causing disruption on purpose to challenge something for the better. Fair enough, CEO’s don’t always like this kind of approach, but it’s always about finding improvements and so it’s generally seen as a positive disruption. In any case, my kind of disruption can be strategised and carefully planned to consider and manage existing workloads. In the digital world though, disruption of any kind is not a positive thing at all. CEO’s all over the world are finding it increasingly difficult to predict and often lack the tools and techniques for identifying and assessing potential disruptions.  

As our IT environments have expanded, so have the vast range and complexity of the disruptions that a modern day business might experience. In fact, nowadays it’s just as likely to be a virtual disruption with something such as a cloud application as it is to be a PC failure. This makes them difficult to recognise and isolate until after the impact has been felt.

Because of this, back in 2014 we invested heavily in LabTech, an American company that was experiencing huge success in the States with Proactive Network Monitoring. We could instantly see how this would help to illuminate the issue of trying to predict IT failures. Our systems monitor our clients’ networks and flag anything that might cause a potential disruption. Even something as mundane as someone switching off the wrong plug socket can cause massive disruption. (You’d be surprised to know how many times this can happen and someone inadvertently turns off your server.) Obviously, we can’t eradicate all of these types of occurrences, but thanks to this monitoring tool we are able to identify and rectify many issues remotely and often while our clients are tucked up in bed.