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Sep 5, 2017

RockIT news,

The eagle has landed

We regularly go out of our way to make sure client feedback is not just listened too, but also acted upon and Eagle Eye is our latest enhancement that will ensure IT installations are seamless right from the start. In recent months our IT Installation process had a complete overhaul with the creation of Huddle, an internal process that created a solid roadmap for IT installation projects. Although the new process is gaining traction and creating positive experiences, we still identified areas improvements could be made; such as a more rigid and standardised process for the information gathering task at the front end of the project. This gave rise to Eagle Eye, a new internal process used by the Solutions Sales Team, that ensures consistency throughout each project. The information that’s collated by Eagle Eye, is fed directly into Huddle to deliver the project seamlessly and in-line with the original scope. The additional benefit that Eagle Eye has, can also be seen with our newest employees, as the process has massively supported their initial induction phase by being able to utilise the process to hit the ground running, so-to-speak.

Either way, although it’s still early days for the process to be adopted, the initial feedback from both our clients and the representatives that are using it, is positive and really encouraging.