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Jul 7, 2016

Just for fun,

The end is nigh...

Fear not; we're not talking imminent disaster, we are talking Tennis, as the RockIT Wimbledon (Wii) Tennis Championship is in full flow.

Over the past two weeks, team members from each department; Sales, Service, Solutions and Management, have been battling it out in a Wii Tennis best of 3.  Two things have become quite clear over the period of this competition:

1. Player A has the edge with a slightly better controller

2. Rob Dance is not just quietly confident, he's extremely competitive (and the one to beat).

As we whittle down to get one team member representing each department, the semi-finals look set to be a spectator event to rival Wimbledon itself.

Playing in today's semi-finals are:

Representing Service – James Chinn vs. our very own CEO Rob Dance, and for Sales – Lloyd Bishop vs. Solutions – James Trott.

It's all to play for.