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Oct 13, 2016

Just for fun,

Escaping the norm

Following a record breaking month of achievement, the newly restructured Solutions Sales Department were treated to an all-expenses paid “team building” day in Cardiff.

The venue of choice was ‘Adventure Rooms’; fairly new to Cardiff, the nature of the game was to break out of the ‘Mad Scientist’ room in under 60 minutes – or risk being locked in forever!

With their illustrious department manager ‘James Trott’ leading the team, they had escapism on their agenda. The team was made up of a diverse mix; Tom Derham for technical knowhow, Jason Bissell for speed and agility, Carl Duarte for logical thinking, Tom Jordon for shear strength and Phil Cummings-Jones to make up the numbers.

Once all they boys were safely handcuffed to the railings, the clock started ticking and the games began. The team were faced with a variety of puzzles, some on observation, some more physical than others, but all linked – this meant that solving each clue was vital to their escape.

As team building goes, it was a perfect way to engage their communication skills with problem solving tasks, and working closely as a team to achieve something together. Our Solutions Sales department were well suited to this activity and they safely escaped with minutes to spare – to the disappointment of others at the RockIT hub, they live to tell another tale.