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Dec 22, 2016

RockIT news,

Finishing 2016 on a high

It’s been at least a week since the last award themed announcement, time for one more; and just as we finish for Christmas!

RockIT have been shortlisted in the South Wales Business Growth Awards, for the Customer Service Excellence and Visionary Leadership categories.

Without wishing to repeat myself, there’s a much wider narrative here that often goes unnoticed. Our recent award successes; accreditations and commendations, are not just by accident, they are a result of a business that is using customer insights and literally ripping up the rule books to shape and develop the landscape in which we deliver our clients’ services. Interfaces are changing, processes are being stripped apart and rebuilt, departments are restructured, all with one goal in mind; to create a utopia when it comes to the experiences we provide our clients.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, all this development takes a team of dedicated and committed individuals and a visionary leader in Rob Dance our CEO. Rob steers these business improvement strategies in the right direction, with a business plan for each area of the business, and each development project defined.

Andy – Organisational Development Director added: “The pace of change, and how readily it’s embraced by the entire team, is one of the key things that drives me in my day-to-day role. Never before have I had the pleasure of working with a team so dedicated to the same, unified goal; every person in their own right, regardless of their role and even whether they work directly with our clients or behind the scenes, is singularly focussed on making sure their piece of the company’s contribution to our clients is exactly as it should be, and exactly as our clients want it to be”.

All things considered, we are certainly looking ahead to 2017, where we hope to continue gaining insights, unearthing truths and developing more business improvement strategies.