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Sep 12, 2017

RockIT news,

Flexible working for a modern day

It’s absolutely vital for the success of our people that we embrace flexible working arrangements and support the work/life balance for everyone, and especially for our working parents. According to the Modern Families index report, in the UK working parents are the norm, with 68% of families labelled as ‘dual-earners’ and 96% of families with at least one child having one or more parent in work.

One of the challenges working families face in the UK though, is the extortionate rate for good quality childcare. According to the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), UK families are paying out significantly more for their childcare than other western countries, at a staggering 34% of their total earnings.

Here at RockIT we help and support our working families, by offering all parents the option to receive childcare vouchers. The scheme is brilliant as it helps staff to access a tax relief benefit by paying for a proportion of their childcare before they are taxed. It’s a real staff motivator, it encourages loyalty and certainly helps our working families make childcare more affordable.  These days, many workers across various industries, are simply expected to work longer hours for no extra reimbursements, just to meet the expanding demands of their role – this isn’t us. To ensure our staff have the perfect balance for work and for spending valuable quality time with their families, we nurture a great work/life balance by making sure what’s expected of our employees is achievable within the parameters of their working day.

At the moment we are recruiting for a part-time Finance Administrator that would suit a range of people. You might be a new parent that is looking to return to work after having a career break and need something to work around your family commitments, or you might be a student looking to start your career in finance early and support your studies. In addition, we have a range of roles that would suit both technical and non-technical people, and with the support of a forward thinking, family friendly company – what more could you ask for?