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Mar 6, 2018

Client stories,

A focus on education: IT that matches ambition

As backstories go, it doesn’t get more humbling than the history of one of our educational clients Urdang Academy – a performing arts and dance college, based in London.

Urdang has its roots firmly grounded into the African culture with its original founder fleeing the African Apartheid movement near on fifty years ago. It was a period of time that created mass displacement and upheaval of many black and ethnic communities in this area. Racial segregation and discrimination was common place, and many families chose to leave their homes in pursuit of a fairer and more inclusive life.

As you can imagine the Urdang has equality at the very heart of their ethos, with everyone being given the same opportunities, in the belief that everyone is created equal under their vision to encourage individuality and diversity within the performing arts industry. Although the vision remains inclusivity, their goal has always been to strive for excellence. To achieve this they have to stay at the forefront of their industry and ensure they are one step ahead of current trends, innovation and the technology they provide to their students.

With this in mind, when the Urdang reviewed their IT standing they realised that their current infrastructure was reaching its upper limits and that the diminishing available resources would be almost certainly acting as a major bottleneck. Education providers like the Urdang Academy need to provide their students with all the right technology platforms to encourage and influence their student’s ability to learn and succeed. Because this was so important to the Urdang, they turned to RockIT to ensure their ambition and vision for offering excellence was realised.

The fundamentals of the project can be found within our recent case study, and although what was recommended and delivered was a fully scoped out IT project that addressed all of the Urdang’s IT concerns, what we actually delivered was complete peace of mind that their IT was safe, secure, optimised and future proof.