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Jan 13, 2017

RockIT news,

A focus in the right direction

As RockIT have recently been shortlisted in the Business Growth Wales awards in the Customer Service Excellence category, I thought it only fitting to outline just some of the reasons why and how this has come about.

We focus a lot of our energy and resource on improving our clients’ overall experiences with the service they receive. This hasn’t happened overnight, and in some cases, not always as quickly as we’d have liked. By focusing on the business improvement strategies, we had to restructure departments, reposition internal resource and strategically recruit new members of the teams.

The main purpose for such a drastic approach to reforming the departments was to align skills and ensure the right people were in the right roles, delivering what’s needed for our clients.  

The newly formed development department are currently working on a full suite of client facing improvement strategies that will revolutionise the way we provide IT support. These enhancements have come to light directly from customer feedback insights and include a redesigned Client Portal, additional investments in proactive monitoring, a new process for IT infrastructure installations, and even quicker response times - all of which will be served using more streamlined communication methods.

We know we still have some way to go to deliver everything that’s planned, however, the more we utilise innovation and develop these improvements, the more we are hearing first hand from our clients just how well these are being received.