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Jan 11, 2017

Industry insights,

Future-proofing for 2017 - IT Strategy

You wouldn’t think twice about developing a business plan.  For the most successful businesses, it’s likely this will include a sales and marketing strategy, which is often considered imperative to drive acquisition. Yet, many businesses don’t fully appreciate the benefit of having a robust IT Strategy.

I firmly believe that IT is the cornerstone for a business’s long term growth and prosperity and therefore it’s vital to include an IT strategy to future-proof your plans.

Wherever a business is now, it’s likely most will have some plans for growth. The IT strategy will align with your current business plan and define any immediate focus to facilitate growth.

As part of this process, conduct an IT audit and start to map out the current IT infrastructure. This will identify any gaps so they can be prioritised and addressed. You can’t expect any growth or development plans for your business if you don’t make similar plans to ensure that the foundation of how most businesses now work day to day; your IT infrastructure, is prepared to grow to support your other growth plans.

As technology is advancing at such a fast rate, for some businesses making sure the technology is the right specification to deliver what’s needed will be imperative. Otherwise, instead of supporting your plans; your IT infrastructure may actively work against you and bottleneck your plans.

Equally, internal capabilities will be reviewed in the IT strategy and gaps in skills and knowledge will be identified that allows for prioritisation of training to ensure that your team is capable of making the most of the tools you provide.

All things considered, can you really afford not to utilise a well-developed IT strategy? It could be the only thing preventing your ongoing plans for future growth.

Here at RockIT, we have a variety of IT Strategy solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. For a free no-obligation review of your current IT Strategy provisions, feel free to email sales@rockit.com with your details.