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Jan 17, 2017

Industry insights,

Future-proofing for 2017 - Security Predictions

The final article in my recent series is taking a holistic look at security prediction for the coming year. With 2016 seeing a significant increase in cybercrime, it’s vital that IT security is on every business’s board meeting agenda.

Some of my future-proofing and security recommendations are based on the principles that we utilise for both ourselves and our clients, other predictions are based on the current industry and how I think 2017 will take shape.

  1. Firstly, as I’ve already mentioned, cybercrime is becoming widespread and effecting both larger multinational businesses as well as the smaller independents. One of the highest risk factors for data loss will be human error from internal employees.  In part, that can be attributed to a low understanding or a relaxed view of cybercrime and security policies. It’s not that they're being malicious, though, it’s a cultural shift. As the digital environment becomes more integrated into our day-to-day interactions and experiences, digital as a whole is far more trusted and accepted. Equally, the use of social media makes them far more vulnerable to infiltration.
  2. Data and compliance are likely to feature in 2017, as this will be the last year before the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal requirement. This will equate to stronger data protection controls and more protection for person identifiable information. It’s a legislation that’s required to maintain higher levels of data security although for most businesses it’s going to drive up costs, as the majority of current data will not comply with these new measures. There is, however, a fairly obvious question mark over whether these legislations will make it to the fore, or how they will be implemented for the UK with the addition of Brexit.
  3. With ransomware being so prevalent in 2016 it’s likely we can expect even more of these crimes. In 2017, businesses will have to do more to increase the levels of protection, both in terms of internal education and IT system protection methods such as robust firewalls. It’s likely that hackers will start selling hacked ransomed data to other cyber criminals, this will escalate the issue tenfold and leave businesses vulnerable to even more ransom attacks.
  4. Brute force attacks are increasing, with hackers using a trial and error method and application programs that can decode encrypted data such as passwords. Equally, with the rise of automation, machines are being developed that will seek out network vulnerabilities and infiltrate these networks with any number of infections. Combine these threats and you’ve got yourself a toxic combination of intent and persistence.

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