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Feb 3, 2017

Just for fun,

Give us a try!

As the Six Nations rugby teams gear up for the first major rugby tournament of the year, we are reminded just how similar the game of rugby is to running the RockIT business.

Just like the game, our CEO and metaphoric rugby coach is selecting the best team players, with the best skills to front up the company and create his own line up, so to speak. Only, rather than brute force and strength, our attribute on the pitch is an intricate understanding of our clients, their IT requirements and the business improvement strategies that compliment them.

We concentrate on developing client-centric advancements that aim to deliver a quality of service that goes beyond expectation. 

Our lineout

There’s nothing that comes close to the support of the Nations teams rugby lineout. The strongest players utilise their stature and as a team take possession of the game.

Although it was never created with a lineout in mind, our own first line support system is remarkably similar. Our First Response Team (FRT) are propped up with some of our most expert and skilled Incident Managers and Advanced Support Team Engineers (AST). Just like a rugby lineout, we have our stature, our internal expertise, supporting the team members as and when they need it – which in turn ensures issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Scrum together

Developed on the notion of a rugby scrum, Huddle is our redesigned process for IT installation projects. It’s driven by a series of client-involved consultations that put our clients firmly in the driving seat of their own IT project.

We work closer with our clients to extract the fundamentals of the project and document the key deliverable milestones.  This process not only ensures a higher pertinacity for technical accuracy but it also sets out our clients’ expectations and defines what success looks like for them. 

Huddle image

Tackling (the RockIT way)

Whilst we are not a business that will ever be in the throes of a rugby brawl, we still have issues that need tackling. If you consider the constant threat of cyber-attacks such as Crypto. We regularly review and take steps to ensure our clients’ IT systems are protected from such threats. Aside from the obvious IT infrastructure protection such as more robust firewalls, we also support clients with regular communication that might include a protection themed service update, a resource guide or a client-focused help sheet – all of which are written with the client in mind and heightening their protection.

We try harder

Okay, so this one is a little tenuous. But let’s face it, all businesses have goals (or rugby tries in this case), and the majority of the businesses we speak with have one higher-level goal; business growth. Without a flexible and agile IT support solution, you could find it’s the one thing that prevents growth. Where you choose to review our proactive network monitoring, or our commitment to delivering a saleable provision, you’ll see one common theme, the IT solutions we offer are well considered and strategically developed to align to that singular need for sustainable growth.

Beyond Expectation

We have a whole department that spend their time focusing effort in developing numerous business improvements that shapes the support we are able to provide for our clients. Some of the improvements have already launched, such as the newly designed Client Portal and Huddle, and some are in the pipeline. With continued development taking place as we speak, and launch dates set for the coming months, we’re aiming for a grand slam of a year.