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Mar 24, 2017

Industry insights,

Giving you an extra hour

Set your clocks, people – this Saturday night is the start of British Summer Time, and at the weekend we lose an hour. It’s a bittersweet weekend, whilst the thought of losing a whole hour fills me with dread, it’s softened with the thought of warmer and longer hazy days.

However, what if we could give you and your business that hour back?

In fact, we can actually give you and your business more than just one hour, we can give you a range of IT support solutions that:

  • save you time, such as vendor management,
  • give you higher levels of uptime, such as proactive network monitoring, and
  • can give you shorter resolution times, such as our Slick Service Desk resolution and escalation processes.

All in all, if it’s time you’re looking for, with an additional peace of mind that your IT systems are fully protected and taken care of, we’ve got this covered.