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Jul 4, 2017

Industry insights,

GoldenEye is the latest threat

Just weeks after the WannaCry cyber-attack that literally stopped the NHS in its tracks, and yet again, last week saw, even more, cyber-disruption with a new and more powerful malware called GoldenEye.

As GoldenEye started to take hold, spreading effortlessly through a popular accounting software, businesses could only watch as the Global chaos took shape. Businesses such as advertising giant WPP in the UK were affected, along with the Ukraine’s national power grid and numerous businesses in Europe.

We know that cyber-crime of our modern day world tends to go ‘Global’ incredibly quickly, and this attack was no exception, soon becoming an issue of Global proportion. What is making GoldenEye labelled as even more malicious than WannaCry though, is the fact that there’s no ‘kill switch’ and it’s designed to rapidly spread through networks.

Researchers are still working to try and find a way of decryption, however, as with all ransom based malware, don’t ever think that paying up is the right option. One of three things will happen if you pay up. Firstly, it’s likely they will simply just demand more money from you. Secondly, your details will get circulated throughout the cyber-criminals, as a ‘payer’, which means you will become targeted for more hacks and thirdly your data will simply get destroyed.

Our best advice is to ensure on and off-site backups, that include full server images, are in place and maintained regularly.