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Aug 16, 2017

RockIT news,

The guardians of your IT

Last week saw the launch of one of our newest client improvement initiatives, called ‘Guardian’.

We launched this initiative to provide structure to a process that already happens; the continued focus of our clients own IT infrastructures.

As a business in the IT sector, our aim is to assist our clients’ ability to achieve their business objectives such as sustainable growth and market share through the power of IT.

Guardian puts everything into practice. It ensures each technical employee is empowered to make a real difference to improve a client’s network. Making improvements to a client’s network not only increases their competitive advantage and reduces business risk, it can also improve internal issues such as employee morale.

Everyone in RockIT now has access to the Guardian application, which provides engineers and technical employees with easier ways of identifying where improvements to a client’s network can be made and the tools for us to make suggestions and recommendation quickly, ensuring we are doing everything in our capabilities to keep our clients up and running.

This approach is already part of our DNA as a company. As our core values suggest, “We’re passionate about assisting clients in growing their businesses”. We do this through a variety of means but our key focus is always to improve the client’s current position. This is done through providing solutions which will improve efficiency, remove bottlenecks, improve security, prevent disasters, improve productivity and support the client in achieving their core business objectives.