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Jan 5, 2018

Just for fun,

A healthy start

There’s nothing like the binge of Christmas and the post-holiday slump to kick start a few New Year resolutions. Like every office in the country, some colleagues are planning dry January’s, spurred on by the sight of the Christmas bottle recycling. Some are planning out their fitness regimes and others have smaller goals such as doing more fun things with the family.  

To help keep our employees on the right side of their resolutions, yesterday was ‘one of your 5 a day’ day. The kitchen was a sea of bright and vibrant colours with a full variety of healthy fruit and bottled water on offer. This was just a small thing that we knew we could do to try and help our colleagues stay fit and healthy, but if that wasn’t enough this is just a snap shot of some of the ongoing fun that can be had keeping fit with RockIT.

Chris’s weekly squash and badminton

Headed up by Chris and kicking off next Monday night, is a weekly squash and badminton session. Feeling a little sluggish after the holidays and need an excuse to run around with some friends? This really is the perfect way to have a run around, have a laugh and keep on track for a ‘healthier 2018’.

Ash’s RockIT Running Club

Calling anyone with new trainers for Christmas or even the trusted fitness tracker, the RockIT Running Club is back in full force for 2018. In a bid to get your steps up and burn off some of those extra unwanted Christmas pounds, get involved with the RockIT Running Club. With a fair few kilometres already under their belts, Ash and a few of the team do a weekly 5km run. Kicking off on Thursday’s.

Jamie’s Tough Mudder

Not to be outdone, Jamie would like to remind everyone that he and some of the team at RockIT will be doing Tough Mudder this year! This one is not for the faint hearted but a real focus on team work and plenty of time to train as it’s not until the summer.

However for anyone that find’s all this New Year, new you style fitness too much, January will also see us fending off the winter blues with a fun packed foody themed day of our choosing, and helping to keep everyone upbeat and happy with World Compliment Day.