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Oct 12, 2017

Industry insights,

How vital is a firewall?

As part of our continued series that is highlighting the benefits associated with the Cyber Essentials Scheme, the Governments Minimum recommendations for cyber security. One of the areas within this scheme is the effective use of Boundary Firewalls.

So why are they so important?

Most businesses nowadays operate in the digital world. Every time an internet user accesses your digital infrastructure, you are at risk of infiltration from malware or individuals with a malicious intent. If you think of this similar to the door to your business, without additional protection you are allowing anyone access. The boundary firewall acts as a filter, they operate with a clear set of principles and rules to restrict inbound and outbound traffic from any unauthorised, unrecognised or suspicious sources, to ensure they don’t gain access to your business and cause harm to your network.

Your business will have your own individual criteria for firewall protection, and the parameters of your network will need to be defined to be able to establish how the firewall needs to be configured. There are many different types of firewall protection, some operate at an individual level and some at a site level. A great example of this is the SonicWall range. They provide tiers of protection that offer something for every type of business, even the home or remote worker.

Many businesses today opt for cloud based applications, and this can create a compelling misconception that once a business operates using cloud technology, this somehow means they don’t need to consider firewall protection. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because you operate with a suite of cloud based applications for things like email and CRM platforms, it doesn’t mean you are any more protected. It may mean defining your network parameter is more challenging, however even with the Cloud, virtual firewalls can be considered. Equally, there is a range of firewall protection that can be installed on an individual’s device and can aid the boundary security even at a local level.

Either way, it’s not just us that believe boundary firewall protection is important for the ongoing protection of your network. This recommendation has also been endorsed by the Government, through the increasing members and the recognition given with their Cyber Essentials Scheme.