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Jan 19, 2017

RockIT news,

Huddle round

Business improvements are vital to shape and develop the quality of the services we provide. Recently, our development directors and the Projects Department have been working closely on creating an improved process for IT installations, called Huddle.

This process revolutionises the delivery of these projects by putting our clients firmly in the driving seat of their own IT installations. It allows them to set their expectations from the offset and clearly define what success looks like. In addition to this, it greatly reduces lead times for smaller installations and allows our clients to access some of our most skilled and experienced installation engineers.

As we needed to pilot this newly designed process, some of our clients have already experienced the benefits, and can see just how streamlined IT installations are with Huddle.

To fully roll this out and ensure our clients are aware of the benefits available to them with Huddle, we plan to conduct a webinar. It’s just one of the many ways we like to share valuable insights with our clients.