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Aug 26, 2015

RockIT news,


We’re in the process of establishing a new system within our Projects team.

This process will replace the Micro Project Management Checklist and Project Management Checklist that you may be familiar with. HUDDLE is a RockIT owned and developed system which will assist the Projects team in the project planning process. 

The idea behind HUDDLE is simple. Our Project Management team offers an end to end solution, working with you during all phases of project management. We have learnt that no matter what the sector or size of company the key to a successful project is to fully understand your objectives for completing the project and “huddling” with you throughout the whole process to ensure you are well informed at every stage of its completion. HUDDLE ensures that we take a methodical approach and that we exceed your expectations every time.

From the outset of any project we undertake we will work with you to gather all the information we need before we begin. This is particularly important to ensure our engineers are best prepared and stay on track through the project. To keep you updated, you will receive automated emails from us at critical points during the project’s implementation. Finally, you will receive a project sign off document which will link to the discussions you have had with our Project Manager. This is your opportunity to evaluate our project delivery.

HUDDLE is planned to launch in November.