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Feb 1, 2018

Just for fun,

The importance of great photography in social media

If you’re anything like me, you’ll already be thinking about your next social post and who might engage with it along the way. As a social media expert I literally live and breathe everything social. I can’t even walk into a shop or have a meal in a restaurant without the temptation of wanting to share it socially. But for me one of the reasons I’ve been able to make more of a name for myself within social media as a keen influencer, is that brands know when I create a flatlay to promote their products, I’ll create striking images that don’t just get the brand noticed, they will also entice the audience to try new things. I’ll often run competitions and have many social media tricks to increase the followers for a page or promotion, but the one thing you can’t underestimate is the power of great photography.

Some people might say that the images look too polished and in some cases staged, though I’d argue that social media by definition is putting your best foot forward. When you post a selfie on Instagram you’re not going to use the one that didn’t show you in your best light. It might be the second or third take. And what filter do you choose to use? Snapchat have filters that make you look bright eyed and positively shimmering. So if we all simply accept that social media is about sharing the best of you, why wouldn’t you use well-considered and high definition images that can showcase you and your business in the best possible light (or lighting). Yes that’s right, along with the camera technology, we have also invested in two soft boxes and a strobe light, which will enhance the natural light in any office and make images look bright without jeopardising the image quality.

Along with a keen interest in social media, I’m a trained photographer, having completed a BTEC Level 3 in Media Production. To take great images though, you don’t need to have a qualification of this depth. There are many weekend and evening short courses that will support anyone that wants to know how to get the most out of social media using imagery.  You also don’t need to have the most expensive kit, I do but it’s my passion. There are many ways to get hold of second hand equipment that will do just as good a job for what’s needed, without spending a small fortune. Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that your most powerful camera is probably in your back pocket right now. Smartphones are so advanced these days that you could be just as effective using your phone as you could splashing out on the latest tech, especially if you are just starting out.