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Mar 28, 2017

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The importance of having an IT strategy

Many people underestimate the importance of developing an IT strategy. Here at RockIT, we are all about planning for the future. Not only does this allow you and your business to have the foresight for what’s coming up, but it will provide you with more opportunities for business growth. Here’s why it’s so vital.

We already know of many operating systems and server software options that are nearing the end of the life cycle. Just like any other technology in your modern day office, such as your phone or PC, your operating system and servers need regular updates to ensure they run at an optimised level and provide your business with all the new features and technologies. With a well-considered IT strategy, all of the upgrades will be clearly mapped out. This provides you with the opportunity to spread the cost over multiple budgets, rather than having to make the investment with a distressed need. This way you can carefully plan when and what you spend your IT budget on. This approach will also support suitable business growth, as it will provide you with IT infrastructure that’s up to the job and can handle growth fluctuations better, for example adding additional headcount or providing the business with an improved connectivity.

In contrast, a business that doesn’t focus on IT planning will only realise they need to spend a significant amount on their IT upgrades once it becomes a vital expense, and it may end up being more than the budget will allow. In this scenario, it’s likely that compromises will have to be made, and this might involve the delay of some IT equipment. This would see your business and your workforce having to operate at a less optimised level, which could harm your overall ability to achieve business growth.

Whichever way you look at it, having your IT requirements mapped out and forecasted gives you a roadmap of what’s around the corner, so there’s no unforeseen IT expense and everyone will be using technology that supports their working day well.

If you’d like some assistance in planning your IT strategy, we have the ideal solution, aptly called ‘The Modern Office’. We review your current office setting, and then redefine and make recommendations on how the business’s IT can evolve to take full advantage of the wide range of modern technologies available to you that can remove business risks and support business growth.