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Jun 22, 2017

Industry insights,

The importance of a VPN

Step into any city-based, high street café and you’ll regularly see all manner of business, from lone workers to a business meet up. In fact, the way that technology has developed now allows business to take place on the fly, and this means it is increasingly vital to be ready and connected wherever you are. However, these public places are often overlooked when individuals fail to consider their own online security in favour of the free Wi-Fi and super-fast connectivity. It’s so easy to simply assume that the establishment has their own online security and to check would feel too awkward. 

If you are someone that regularly steps out of the confines of your more secure home or office setting, then a Virtual Private Network or VPN should be on your shopping list. It’s worth mentioning, as always, do your research and make sure you use a trusted and known supplier. The VPN acts as a secure layer that uses encryption to protect your data and confidential information from being accessed and spied on when you are using an unsecure wireless network.

Historically, VPNs were originally developed to allow remote workers the ability to securely access their corporate files and folders via the business network, and although VPN is still used in this way, the added benefit of being able to access the internet privately is giving VPN a new purpose.

When considering using a VPN, avoid the temptation of free or cheap solutions. These, at best, can have limited functions, and as running a VPN is not cheap, to make up the shortfall, they have been known to participate in less legitimate practices such as the selling of your data.

There are a few trusted free VPN providers, but as a rule, given that they don’t generally carry an extortionate cost, it’s something that’s well worth investing in.