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Aug 2, 2017

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The Internet of Things in 2020

When we talk about the technology and digital landscapes changing, we are really talking about the technological revolution, of which the Internet of Things (IoT) is very much at the epicentre of this explosion. If you stop to think about all the connected devices we utilise and consume throughout the day, it doesn’t take long to see why the IoT is the driving force behind this shift.

Cars of today have connectivity at their heart, some even providing Wi-Fi connectivity and a whole heap of apps with everything from maps and navigation to music and entertainment. Even something as mundane as the weekly shop could soon become a whole lot easier, with technology such as ‘smart shelves’ that will automatically monitor your stocked cupboards and create online shopping lists ready to order. Or even product related ordering buttons like the Amazon Dash. They are all set to disrupt the retail sector once more, especially when you consider how grocery online shopping has taken off so quickly. And it’s only set to expand even more.

In 2020 the uptake and adoption of connected devices are expected to rise from just over 10 billion to 24 billion*. They are likely to add to our ever increasing reliance on the internet, by providing lifestyle enhancing technology such as devices that control aspects of the home such as lighting and entertainment, while a steady stream of information will be available through your virtual personal assistant.

We will also see more cities adapting to become smart, such as smart parking, connected recycling and traffic management. All of which could be a massive aid to a city’s urban challenges.

The only barriers to entry will remain as they are today, with issues such as security and privacy preventing some from making the shift to a true digital reliance. 

* Business Insider UK