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Oct 31, 2017

Just for fun,

It's a little bit scary

When do you ever get the opportunity to see Wolverine, Kim Possible, The Mask and Harley Quinn all in one room? This can only mean one thing, it must be the RockIT Halloween fancy dress competition!

In aid of All Hallow’s Eve, we are running two competitions simultaneously, a spooky, scary and whatever-the-mood takes-you, fancy dress and the other involving departmental rivalry for the best Halloween décor.

Both our Projects and Service Departments have taken the rivalry very seriously. With themes that are literally polar opposites, Projects opting for a rather tame (in Halloween measures) yet highly comical spin on ‘Ron Burgundy’ and the movie Anchorman, with staff members dressed as the various news anchors. Step into our Service Department and the temperature drops to a chill, in a rather disturbing ‘Kill Zone’, where everyone is wearing a forensic suit, and plastic sheets are lined with blood splatters. You would be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped onto the set of the hit show, ‘Dexter’.

Not that we can be swayed by bribery, but when Kim Possible makes Halloweens cakes, and when the Project department lay on an array of baked goodies, it’s hard not to give them my vote.