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Oct 18, 2016

Just for fun,

Keeping healthy with Nuffield

Armed with apples, free day passes and an array of special equipment to test everything from your BMI to your blood pressure; the team at Nuffield Health are here for the day to promote the new health club and help keep us fit and healthy.

James Trott kicked off the bike challenge (a 500m cycle) and set the bar high, with a time of 50 seconds. Not to be left out, others tried the challenge to see if they could do better, and with James’s attempt smashed out the park, the time to beat is now a phenomenal 36 seconds, set by Thor Jordan (oops Thomas Jordan).

Nuffield health day

Although everyone is having fun and looking forward to using their guest passes, there is a more important message that shouldn’t go unnoticed. It is widely known that people who spend lengthy periods sitting at their desks are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Recent studies have highlighted that current guidelines may be incorrect and that to offset these risks they actually need to do a lot more physical exercise – one hour per day.

With this in mind, and a corporate discount up for grabs, let’s get on board and focus on keeping everyone at RockIT fit and healthy.