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Sep 16, 2016

Client stories,

Looking at 'The Modern Office'

WEA YMCA CC Cymru is the largest provider of adult community learning in Wales. They aim to empower individuals through the attainment of confidence, skills and knowledge; so that they can play an active role in society.

They came to RockIT over a year ago; as their previous IT solutions hadn’t fully met their demands on increasing storage, bandwidth and redundancy. It’s fair to say that their existing IT infrastructure and their ongoing requirements were very complex, comprising of several office locations across Wales linked over a WAN connected via PSBA links. 

Due in part to the previous set-up, their infrastructure outgrew its available capacity and, as a result, increases to their infrastructure’s available resources were essential to avoid costly downtime. For any business, the impact of downtime can be massive and WEA YMCA CC Cymru was no exception; this issue needed to be resolved.

A fix was applied through leveraging RockIT’s ‘The Modern Office’ audit process; the purpose of which was to explore, review and measure their current situation with a thorough IT audit, to pinpoint both infrastructure pain points and identify issues affecting staff, to inform the strategic development of a robust solution that would meet business needs going forward.

In addition, over recent months, Thomas Derham; one of our Technical Solutions Architects, has continued to work closely with the client. Tom has developed a comprehensive IT strategy that not only addresses the client’s pain points, but also lays the foundation for leveraging ongoing business growth as part of future planning.

With this prospect firmly in mind; the client is looking forward to the coming months of installation projects and the benefits that will join them.