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Nov 23, 2017

Just for fun,

For the love of social media

Finding amazing Talent these days relies as much on the processes as it does on making good use of all the technology available to us. Gone are the days of traditional head hunting methods, such as sieving through files of CV’s trying to decipher if the candidate is ‘right’. Everything you need to find on the most talented individuals can be found through the use of the internet and the technology that is readily available.

As Talent Department Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure RockIT is fully resourced. My department and I do this by utilising a number of online/technology based tools, but my favourite go-to-technology is all the various mobile apps that are out there.

Like any other forward thinking business, we heavily rely on social media to support our marketing activities for both a specific role and for our employer brand as a whole. Whilst there is still a little controversy surrounding how valuable social media is for the recruitment function, I would say it is vital. In the same way that you will make sure you are putting your best foot forward (so to speak) on your LinkedIn profile, businesses need to do the same. Social media mobile applications are the best way to do this, as they allow me to make sure our brand is seen in the right places and at the right time. In other words, when I’m not in the office, it doesn’t mean that talent searching on social media has to come to a grinding halt. Like many other Millennials, I am never too far away from my Smartphone, and so even when I’m out of the office, the use of social media mobile apps and scheduling tools such as Hootsuite allow me to make sure we are always one step ahead of the game. I like to keep social media personal and step away from all the fluffy stuff (unless I’m posting animal pics). I will always share my own thoughts and opinions without hiding behind a corporate badge. I also love nothing more than making other people smile. I feel being honest is what attracts people, being approachable and relatable – you cannot have a hidden agenda! The key thing with social media is to know your audience. Yes, LinkedIn is aimed at a more professional market (although one will argue that you see more childish behaviour on there than you would in a school yard), but I like to look at the posts that are doing really well, are all genuine and heart felt articles. However, if it is just the harmless banter you are looking for, we are all over that on Instagram!  

I love how technology is always changing, and seeing how other people use technology inspires me to try new things and discover the benefits for myself. I literally would not be without the mobile apps that enable me to post on the fly. They offer true convenience when making sure we are seen on all the right social media sites. The future of this type of technology is exciting, and I am looking forward to seeing how the use of WhatsApp will expand and start to become the next big tool for business communications, specifically when thinking about sourcing talent.