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Aug 3, 2017

RockIT news,

One great change for productivity

It’s our job as an IT support provider, to advise our clients on better ways to keep their IT systems performing well, and with greater efficiency. To do this we will need to appreciate their business and IT environment and map out suitable recommendations.

Computer performance aside though, there is one recommendation that I can make that has massively improved my own productivity and it a fairly easy thing to action - increase your number of monitors.

It may be something you already do, but increasing the number of monitors will massively increase your ability to be productive. When I first started here at RockIT I was instantly impressed with the three monitor setup that was on offer, as it was the first time I had been provided more than one. If you look around the office here, you will notice that some of the more technical people will have anything up to eight monitors. They are all in use, checking a ticket board system, monitoring dashboards, monitoring emails and checking off task lists.

To help you to determine how many screens you’d benefit from, consider how many business applications you access in a day. Even having an additional screen that’s dedicated for emails would help most people to be more productive. The type of processes that benefit from having additional monitors are:

  • Data Entry and spreadsheet work
  • Drafting emails using sourced documents
  • Creating content
  • Comparing products
  • Analysing Designs
  • Using chat boxes
  • Utilising emails
  • Accessing a ticket system
  • Reviewing dashboard information

It’s important to make sure your monitors are all setup correctly at eye level, which can be achieved with the use of monitor risers and if you are using a laptop make sure this is also correctly configured with the use of laptop risers. Doing this will prevent eye strain and neck pain.

There are a variety of articles available that suggest extra monitors don’t add to productivity. However, as a user of three, I can tell you they absolutely do. In fact, it’s thought that one additional monitor can aid productivity by 20-30%, or in actual time by an extra 2.5 hours a day, per each employee that is using an additional monitor.

Whatever business improvements you might choose to implement, I genuinely think that having more than one monitor helps me to be far more productive than I was with just one.