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Sep 13, 2017

Industry insights,

Oreo or toast?

Following the recent launch of the new Android operating system “Oreo”, there are reports coming from Palo Alto that are highlighting the importance that Android users upgrade their OS.

These reports are suggesting that users who do not install upgrades, could leave themselves susceptible to vulnerabilities which have been identified with previous OS versions, such as a new wave of cyber-crime that uses an outdated method of infiltration called an “overlay attack”.

Overlay attackers leverage a known vulnerability within previous iterations of the OS and bypass security measures by getting the user to install an infected app.

Overlay attacks are not thought to pose a significant risk, as there are always two factors for infiltration; getting past the human gatekeeper and then past the built-in security protection system. Once the loophole was identified in versions prior to Oreo, it meant cyber criminals were able to exploit this known issue. This particular attack affects an Andriod feature called ‘Toast’ in which a notification window pops up displaying messages.

The best way to ensure that anyone running Android 8.0 is protected from this threat, is to install the latest updates for their device.