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Mar 6, 2017

Just for fun,

Paintball mayhem

Saturday saw some of the RockIT crew put down their IT toolkit in favour of a slightly more fun and messier type of weapon – the paintball gun.

Split into teams of Reds and Blues, the teams were kitted out with protective jumpsuits and headgear. Loosely themed on military combat, we were briefed on the objectives, be it ‘Capture the Flag’ or ‘King of the Hill’. With the only rules being one-shot kill and always keep your guard up and helmet down, we headed out into the unknown (a little woodland not far from here).

Following a full on day of twelve rounds, jam-packed with paintball ammunition, it’s safe to say the Reds were victorious, or the Blues – depending who you ask.

There was plenty of friendly (and some not so friendly) fire, as some of the more trigger happy of us just aimed and fired at anyone regardless of team colour, Billie Jones. Some of us even managed to accidentally plant a fateful shot on a colleague’s nether region, Billie Jones.

Either way, all the rivalry is forgotten about now and we are all best of friends and planning our next team day activity.