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Jan 8, 2018

Industry insights,

Phishing at Debenhams

Police are warning consumers of the latest scam to hit the high street, with what they are referring to as a wave of convincing phishing emails that are seemingly e-receipts from retail giant Debenhams. The scammers’ emails are incredibly convincing, using Debenhams logo and a transaction ID to make it look authentic. Included in the email is a link that when clicked downloads a malicious payload.

The scam has actually been circulating since before Christmas and Debenhams is aware of the scam following a number of victims reporting the issue directly to the company. They have said their e-receipts are issued to customers when they make a purchase in-store, and this scam is a copy of that email. They added “these emails are not unusual, but people could be caught off-guard.”

Whilst the emails are convincing and not too dissimilar from an e-receipt generated following a purchase. Authentic emails would come from a Debenhams email address and these are not. The general advice is if you receive an email that you are not expecting or if you have not made a purchase in-store, treat it as suspicious. Review the sender to authenticate it before choosing to click on any of the links.

Action Fraud issued the warning after 55 individuals contacted them to alert them to the issue. In conjunction with the warning, they claim that it is still too early to evaluate how many people have been targeted. A spokesperson for Action Fraud added “The Debenhams e-receipt is the most convincing phishing email we’ve seen and could be lurking in your inbox.”